The Straw4Biomass team works in co-operation with their clients to design systems which meet particular needs and make use of resources which the client has to offer.

Ekopal RM20 70kW biomass boiler

Donald Barrie, Kincardineshire

I can recommend Straw4Biomass Energy to any interested party - they do what they say they will, and were I to do the same again, they would get my order.

Ekopal RM40 180kW biomass boiler

John Riley, Aberdeenshire

The Straw4Biomass team, being farmers, spoke in a language I understood, they were fantastic right from the advice at the beginning though the instillation, and now helping to get the most from our boiler.

Ekopal RM40 180kW biomass boiler

Ed Tims, Oxfordshire

I first looked at Straw4Biomass boilers as a way if reducing my diesel use during grain drying. I put one 300 kw boiler in and saw a noticeable drop in fuel costs. Then the RHI came in, I realised that there had been good savings made by burning straw instead of diesel and that now there was to be an income stream as well.

Ekopal RM01 300kW and Ekopal RM03-3 600kW biomass boilers

Robert Ramsay, Angus

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