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Robust, capable and very competitively priced – The Volcano and Defender ranges

Fan assisted heat exchangers are a very versatile solution to heating large open areas whether they be workshops, stores, garages, retail areas or any other similar application. Straw4biomass is an authorised supplier for the VTS Group and holds stock items. We offer a range of products including Volcanoes and Defenders.



The Defender range offers either a water based or electric option. Effectively operating as an air curtain they have been put to use in a great range of applications including at the doorways into supermarkets, offices and other retail applications.

  • Available in 1m, 1.5m or 2m sizes both as water or electrical units
  • They produce between 6 and 28kW depending on the model selected and various parameters.
  • They can be vertically and horizontally mounted.

For more information about our Defender products, please refer to the product PDF.



  • Volcano Mini - This unit can generate between 3 and 20kW depending on various parameters.
  • Volcano VR1 – Middle of the range and kicks out between 10 and 30kW again depending on issues such as ambient temperature and flow rates and delta T’s.
  • Volcano VR2 – These are our most popular model producing between 30 and 60kW again depending on a whole host of factors.

Please study the technical detail in the product PDF

Straw4biomass has installed these units into coffee shops, workshops, potato grading sheds, commercial buildings and offices. They can operate on timers and thermostatic controls and are extremely robust and effective at heating large areas.

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