Ekopal boilers

Ekopal boilers can be retro-fitted to almost any water-based heating system or can be built in to a building or application from the very outset. There is no requirement to replace the existing heating boiler and most often the original system is left in place so that you have belt and braces. Our biomass boiler in essence acts as a “slave” system.

We have designed systems for many different tasks and the versatility of the Ekopal boilers is impressive. Some examples of the installations that our boilers might be used for are as follows »

Domestic Applications
To heat a house – or cluster of houses – using a biomass boiler is commonplace. It is simple to design and install. Mini district heating systems are cost effective where distance between properties is not too great. We have the requisite knowledge and experience to assess the potential of such proposals and can also design a system to be most cost effective and efficient.
Grain Drying
Straw 4 Biomass installed the first biomass boiler system of its type onto a grain drier in the UK and continues to install such systems. This is an area of enormous interest across the country and we have delivered enormous savings in fuel costs through drying crops by burning a few bales of wheat straw. Ekopal systems can take large round bales or the large square bales (quads).
Potato Storage Sheds
Potatoes held in cold stores need the chill taken out of them prior to putting them over the dresser unit as “thumb print” skin damage often occurs if the potato is too cold and hard. We have a system designed to blow hot air through the holding area taking the potato temperature up and significantly reducing skin damage. In addition, the work area too is heated providing a better working environment for your staff;
Commercial Buildings
Large workshops and factories often have large open areas that require heating. By delivering piped hot water to roof mounted heat exchangers you can meet your heating requirements by fans blowing ambient air through the heat exchanger to heat the building (similar to car heaters). In times of great heat(chance would be a fine thing!), you can reverse this process by circulating cold water through the system.
Stock Rearing Buildings & Glasshouses:
We are designing systems which will use Ekopal boilers for heating chicken rearing buildings, pig farrowing sheds and other heat intensive production buildings.
usage of our boilers
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