600kW Ekopal boiler installation


A short Youtube video showing a Straw4Biomass installation, consisting of a 600kW Ekopal boiler powering a 1200T tray grain dryer together with large farmhouse, farm office, six cottages and farm workshop.

990kW Grain Drier Installation

Black Isle, Inverness

35t per hour grain dryer set up with 990kW biomass system now burning only OSR and Wheat straws and no fossil fuel since!

600kW Boiler


600kW boiler burning various agricultural waste straws and timber to heat a range of domestic properties and also commercial stores, workshops and future grain drying floor.

600kW Boiler


600kW boiler providing heat energy to a range of houses, commercial and workshop buildings and grain drying facility.

180kW Boiler

Ipswich, Suffolk

180kW boiler to supply Farmhouse, stores and grain drying facility.

180kW Boiler

Scarborough, Yorkshire

180kW boiler to supply farmhouse, workshops and grain drying facility.

225kW Boiler


225kW boiler to supply farmhouse, large farm Shop/Saddlery and cottage and flat.

300kW Grain Drier Installation


We install boilers at the grain drier unit and burn bales of wheat or rape straw (usually) or wood (cordwood or waste wood) and capture the heat energy in a large accumulation tank. This water is circulated on a flow and return piped system through a heat exchanger at the point of use (ie the air intake at the drier).

This, in essence, takes the ambient air temperature up to around 60 degrees Centigrade. When additional heat is required it can be topped off using existing diesel burners.

This scenario probably accounts for 2 months use in a calendar year and the remaining months can be used to produce heat for office buildings, farmhouses or other heat-intensive systems – but these need to be relatively close by as the flow and return pipes are prohibitively expensive if large distances are to be covered (unless it is a high user of energy).

Straw 4 Biomass will be installing two 600kW biomass boilers ( 1.2MW) side by side on a large grain drier operation. It will then be used in the potato store for the remainder of the year to “thaw out” the potatoes coming from the cold store to prevent “thumb print” damage that potatoes suffer when being dressed straight from cold store.

100kW Unit - Three houses, Office and Farm shop


This containerised 100kW Ekopal unit is photographed in the workshop ready to be lifted on to the lorry prior to installation at the site.

All that is required is electric supply, water accumulation tank filled up, a chimney erected and flow and return to points of heat use and a heat exchanger.

The unit is available in a range of colours and can be clad in timber boards in more sensitive domestic settings.

300kW Unit – Commercial Engineering Building Application


This is an identical Ekopal unit to the grain drier unit above but is to be installed at a large engineering factory (c. 5,000 cubic metres to be heated) as well as office space and two cottages.

The client will be fuelling the boiler with lengths of timber cut into 1.5m lengths that are left to dry naturally. He also intends to burn all packaging waste, office waste, broken pallets and straw produced on local farms.

Hot water will be pumped on flow-return insulated pipes to six heat exchangers located in the roof and fans will blow ambient temperature air through the heat exchangers to deliver heat to the large open work space. The office and cottages will be heated by way of conventional radiator means.

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