About Us

Straw4Biomass is the sole supplier to the UK market of the Ekopal range of biomass boilers which are produced by Metalerg in Poland.

Straw 4 Biomass provides clients with a bespoke service that starts with an initial site assessment and guides clients through design, installation and commissioning of our Ekopal boilers.

With our partners, we have boilers installed across Europe and Scandinavia that have been operating successfully since the late 1980s. We work closely with our production partners in Poland who develop the boilers and are constantly researching further applications for their units and refinements.

We believe that our Ekopal boilers are the most adaptable on the market as they use fuel types in the rawest of states ranging from straw through to lengths of timber, textile wastes, paper, chips, sawdust and energy crops such as Miscanthus and Short Rotation Coppice etc.

We believe that our Ekopal boilers are the most adaptable on the market

At Straw 4 Biomass, we believe that our boilers are about as green as it gets. The green credentials of many alternative brands are – at best – a very light shade of green as they depend on fuels like pellets and chips which are expensive in terms of carbon cost to produce.

This process involves trees chopped down on a hillside miles away, hauled to a mill, chipped and dried and turned into pellets or chips, then delivered to your door. Inevitably this translates into a high fuel cost for you that shadows very closely the world oil price.

At Straw 4 Biomass, we talk about “shades of green” and believe that we are at the greenest end of the spectrum as our systems are fuelled with waste products or fuel in its least processed state from right on your doorstep.

Contact us for more information. If you would like to see one of our show sites, we will be happy to organise this. We are also happy to make site visits to assess your proposals.

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